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The N-Box: learning sustainability

Objective the N box

Are iYou work in youth work and would like to ehours Groups bring the topic of sustainability closer and make it tangible? Exactly for that we have developed the "N-Box" collection of methods. Its goal is to get young people excited about sustainability and to teach them how they can actively and effectively get involved in an environmentally friendly and fair world. In the N box findet ian offer interactiven Methods, Background information, Documentsn, links and more, can ihr than multipliers can use.

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The N-Box as a joint project 

The N-Box as a method to bring sustainability closer to young people is a community project - because together we can achieve more.

motivation behind

the N box

The complexity of sustainable development can be overwhelming - Three pillars (ecological, social, economic sustainability), 17 goals (SDGs) that are based on them, countless fields of action and many perspectives from which we look at the topic kLEVERAGING. The need for simple “recipes” that we can follow to make our personal contributionsten, is big. Sustainability is constantly present and yet difficult to grasp. Within developed by youth groups can the methods of NBox in small building blocks to more understanding lead and motivate them to take action.

Structure of the N-Box

You are currently on the overview page of the N-Box, as you have probably noticed. Here you can find initial information about the modules and get an idea of ​​the sustainability box.

If you click on one of the modules that interests you, you will find more information. The appropriate documents and links for editing the module are also stored there. Which of these modules and the associated content you use is up to you. The way they are presented there is the ideal schedule.

A detailed description of the N-Box and how you can use this website can be downloaded here:

Main topics

Our modules

#0 (group) entry and
Basics of sustainability 

The introductory part presents content and methods for getting started with the topic of sustainability. You can use these basic methods as an introduction to any other module (included in the respective module guide). The group is introduced to the topic of sustainability and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs). This should internalize one's own contribution to the topic of sustainability, because: we can be part of the problem, but also part of the solution.

#1 Care, Repair, Upcycle Outdoor Gear

Module #1 "Care, repair and upcycling of outdoor equipment" makes the topic of sustainability tangible. Because in addition to the understanding that defective products can be easily repaired by oneself, everyone can also create a care booklet and upcycling products themselves. Here you will find background information and instructions for an active creative group day.

#2 Environmentally friendly behavior

Module #2 deals with your own environmentally friendly behavior. There are three focus topics: nutrition, mobility and consumption. You can use diverse, playful content to convey awareness of our own actions and make it clear that with every decision we have a lasting influence - in our everyday areas of life.

#3 Economy for the common good and sustainable management

The AK Bildung of the GWÖ has developed some interactive and helpful modules that support you in this module.

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