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What is the
VAUDE Academy?

Companies are part of society. In this role, we at VAUDE want to take on social and entrepreneurial responsibility. Innovative and sustainable solutions are particularly needed in the textile industry, which is a major driver of global challenges such as the climate crisis or water pollution. That is why we have long been concerned with how we can operate in an environmentally friendly and fair manner. That is our understanding of sustainability. Only if we all act responsibly and with entrepreneurial wisdom can we actually bring about visible social and ecological change. This is why we would like to pass on our experience and share many years of expertise from the transformation process to sustainable management with others.


Our portfolio

Consulting & support

Would you like to make your company or organization sustainable and fit for the future? Are you in the middle of a transformation? We are happy to accompany you in this transformation process.

Keynotes & panel discussions

Do you want to offer your audience refreshing impulses? Whether at conferences or in-house events, we are happy to enrich your event.

VAUDE campus tour

Have you always wanted to know what it looks like behind the scenes at VAUDE? When visiting our company headquarters, you will experience our culture, working environment and the production of bicycle bags up close and learn interesting facts about sustainable business at VAUDE.

Educational formats & materials

Would you like to delve deeper into the subject of sustainability and sustainable business or do you want to receive further training? Get to know approaches, methods and tools.

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We are happy to accompany you.

For companies

Regardless of whether you are an SME or a large company, whether you are still at the beginning or in the middle of the transformation to sustainable management: We will accompany you on this path and share our experience and expertise.

For schools

Would you like to introduce your class to the topic of sustainable and public welfare-oriented economic activity? We offer your students target group-oriented, interactive and practical educational formats and teaching materials.

For universities

Are you looking for a successful practical example of sustainable management and dialogue with experts from the field for your course? We offer lectures and dialogues with experts as well as teaching materials.

For associations & initiatives

Are you looking for inspiration and knowledge transfer around the topic of sustainable and common good-oriented business for your members? We provide comprehensive insights into our work and share our experience and expertise with you.

For individuals

Would you like to get to know VAUDE and find out on site how sustainable management works successfully?

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We look forward to the dialogue with you and take our time to answer your questions.

About us


What our customers say about us

Johanna Kromer

Business Development Manager

- Bergfreunde

»What we particularly appreciate about working with VAUDE is the open and honest exchange at eye level. Through the individual coaching with a realistic assessment and planning of our goals, we feel very well accompanied to be able to establish a long-term sustainability strategy. "

Stefan Bauer

Transformation and Strategy Leaders

- Lilly Germany / Austria / Switzerland

»Antje von Dewitz's lectures have inspired and had a transformative impact on us on several occassions. For example, she has been instrumental in fostering our culture of trust as well as in the creation of our common good balance sheet, the first in the pharmaceutical industry.«

Markus Risch

Market Intelligence & Trend Scouting Manager

- Continental

»Lisa Fiedler as the main speaker at our Trend Camp 2020 was able to perfectly underline our motto of this year“ Sustainable innovation for the future of mobility ”. By explaining how VAUDE became the most sustainable brand in Germany, the contribution was very inspiring and motivating and opened up new perspectives for Continental. Thanks again!«

dr Nikolina Fuduric

Professor for Sustainable Marketing & Product Management

- University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

»I visit VAUDE every year with product managers from my certification course (focused on product management) because real transformation happens here. Instead of just talking about sustainability practices, we see, hear and feel how it is done. The absolute highlight is the presentation by Dr. Antje von Dewitz, showing the path to sustainability with all its ups and downs. Antje's joy about the impact of her company is infectious and her personal authenticity is convincing.«

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