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Our Philosophy

Sustainable management makes companies fit for the future, economically successful and is a decisive approach to solving the problem of not exceeding our planetary boundaries. Therefore, it is important that as many companies as possible operate in an environmentally friendly and fair manner.

VAUDE has made environmentally friendly and fair business its core business and has been working consistently for over a decade to transform the company holistically and systematically. We pass on this knowledge and our experience:

  • We accompany and advise companies and organizations in the transformation process to sustainable business.
  • We pass on our experience and expertise on fair and environmentally friendly business practices to schools, universities, voluntary and non-profit associations and initiatives.
  • We want to motivate people to work for sustainability in their sphere of influence.


"The mission of the VAUDE Academy is to multiply sustainable business beyond VAUDE."

Lisa Fiedler, consultant VAUDE Academy


We are building the VAUDE Academy as a social business. This means: We use the fees that we receive for accompanying and transferring knowledge to companies to finance and further expand our educational offerings for schools, universities, voluntary and non-profit associations and initiatives.

The development of the VAUDE Academy for sustainable management is being supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation in a two-year funding project from the end of May 2020. It is our goal that the VAUDE Academy will continue to cover its costs after the funding period has ended.

Our experts

The speakers of the VAUDE Academy

Here we present our interdisciplinary team for sustainable management. It consists of business economists, pioneers for innovative and new material technologies, environmental management and experts for social standards and global supply chains. Our speakers at the VAUDE Academy for Sustainable Business have many years of expertise in ecology, social justice, management approaches and reporting systems.

dr Antje von Dewitz

Managing Director VAUDE 

#transformation #strategy #leadership #culture of trust #innovation #management systems

Jan Lorch

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Sales & Head of the VAUDE CSR team 

#transformation #strategy #leadership #culture of trust #innovation #management systems

Lisa Fiedler

Consultant VAUDE Academy & member of the CSR team VAUDE

#transformation #strategy #culture of trust #innovation #numbers #management systems

Bettina Roth

Head of Quality Management & CSR Supply Chain, member of the VAUDE CSR team 

#strategy #transformation #management systems #process optimization #supply chain

Moritz Koller
Moritz Koller


#transformation #cultural development #culture of trust #leadership #innovation #strategy

Katrin Mattes
dr Katrin Mattes


#transformation #leadership #communication #strategy #marketing #climate neutral #innovation

Kerstin Mommsen
Kerstin Mommsen

marketing expert

#marketing #communication #transformation #campustour #economy for the common good #innovation 

Oliver Mergens
Oliver Mergens


#transformation #trade #international #strategy #climate protection

Hilke Patzwall

Senior Manager CSR & member of the CSR team VAUDE

#climate protection #energy transition #transformation #environment #management systems #key figures

René Bethmann portrait
Rene Bethmann

Innovations Manager & member of the CSR team VAUDE

#textiles #bioplastics #recycling #innovation

Miriam Schilling

Head of Human Resources & Organization VAUDE

#leadership # culture of trust #innovation #transformation #strategy #diversity

Manfred Meindl
Manfred Meindl

Speaker & Head of Marketing at Vaud

#communication #marketing #climate protection #strategy #environment #transformation

our customers

Our references

Here you can see which companies and organizations have already taken a big step towards sustainable management together with the VAUDE Academy.

Sustainable business

Our publications

We share our knowledge: Find out more about our publications on the subject of sustainable management in magazines and specialist literature. 

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Steps: Ideenmanagement trifft Vertrauen und Social Business

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We offer that

Our portfolio

The VAUDE Academy for Sustainable Management offers various consulting and information services for companies and organizations. Here you can get an overview of our portfolio.

Consulting & support

If you want to make your company or organization fit for the future and sustainable and you are in the middle of the transformation, we would be happy to accompany you in this process.

Keynotes & panel discussions

Are you looking for refreshing impulses for your audience? Both at conferences and in-house events, we are happy to enrich your event with lectures on sustainable management.

VAUDE campus tour

If you've always wanted to know what it's like behind the scenes at VAUDE, you can experience our culture, working environments and the production of panniers up close when you visit our company headquarters. Find out everything you need to know about sustainable management at VAUDE.

Educational formats & materials

If you would like to dive deeper into the topic of sustainability and sustainable management or would like to continue your education, you can get to know approaches, methods and tools with the help of the VAUDE Academy.


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Consultant VAUDE Academy for sustainable management

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